Pediatric Care in Southgate

At the CCCHC Southgate facility, our pediatric care CHDP program provides complete health assessments for the early detection and prevention of disease and disabilities for low-income children and youth. The Child Health and Disability Prevention is a preventive program that helps low-income children and youth in California.
At our facility, we not only provide developmental testing and assessment of young children, but also care coordination to aid families with medical appointment scheduling, transportation, and access to diagnostic and treatment services. Additionally, at our community care facility we have access to private physicians, local health departments, community clinics, care plan managers, and even some local school districts.

Comprehensive Care

We offer complete care for kids. Our comprehensive array of primary care services include:

  • Health history
  • Physical examination
  • Developmental assessment
  • Nutritional assessment
  • Dental assessment
  • Vision and hearing tests
  • Tuberculin test
  • Laboratory tests
  • Immunizations
  • Health education/anticipatory guidance
  • Referral for any needed diagnosis and treatment

Pediatric Health Assessments

Physical Examination

It’s important to keep up with your child’s yearly physicals. When you book your initial appointment with the pediatric clinic at CCCHC Southgate, we’ll perform a general physical exam to make sure your child is in good health.

Developmental Assessment

At our pediatric clinic we offer developmental assessments to observe if your child is reaching developmental milestones at the appropriate times. The sooner any divergence or delay is found, the better it is for your child, as they can begin receiving assistance for any heightened care needs. Our pediatric care team is here to help educate and refer you to specialists as needed.

Nutritional Assessment

We offer pediatric nutritionists that work with you and your child to maintain and/or improve your child’s health. Whether it’s disordered eating, a vitamin/nutrient deficiency, or general nutrition advice, our assessments will put you on the right path to care.

Dental Assessment

At our pediatric clinic we provide the full-range of healthcare for your child, including dental care. Dental assessments can catch early signs of decay or the possible need for various corrective measures.

Vision and Hearing Tests

Vision and hearing issues can develop in early childhood, which is why regular check ups with tests are important. Often, there are many problems which can be more easily corrected if caught early.

If you suspect your child may be experiencing hearing or vision loss, or want to get them a general checkup, reach out to us today and schedule an appointment!

Pediatric Health Testing

Laboratory Tests

We have many laboratory testing capabilities, whether its general panel blood work or testing for disease. General blood work and testing is crucial to catching anything early and for maintaining your child’s best health.


If contracted in childhood, Tuberculosis can pose serious health risks and complications that may be life-altering and lifelong. Children are in a high risk group if they contract TB and this test has and remains a vital test to ensure any infection or previous infection can be caught and dealt with accordingly.


At our pediatric care clinic, we make sure that your child is up to date with the correct vaccinations, including necessary flu shots.

Diagnoses and Referral Options

If your child has been diagnosed with a disease and is in need of a specialist for treatment, we are ready and willing to provide you with a referral. While we are well-equipped, we know that there are many specialists ready to provide your child with more specific treatment and care needs.
Our pediatric doctors are able to assess, diagnose, and provide you and your child with a referral so they can be on their way to specialized care.

Pediatric Care Cost

CHDP Program provides FREE health check-ups to

  • Help children and teens stay healthy
  • Find health problems before they become painful and expensive

Visit our free health clinic located in Southgate!

Who Is Eligible?

Low Income Families – From birth to 19 Years, or Medi-Cal Participants up to 21 years. If your child has Medi-Cal, ask your doctor or health plan for CHDP check-ups.
No documentation required!